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Rigour, commitment, passion, expertise and collaboration do in fact constitute the common denominators of the members of the Executive Team. Together, they ensure strategic management of the company and optimize profitability and growth.

Denis Favreau, architect
Denis Favreau, architectCo-founder and President
Denis Favreau is the co-founder of GIFC and President of the company’s Board of Directors. With 39 years of experience under his belt in architecture, Mr. Favreau oversees the overall operations, portfolio growth, investment and asset management of the Company. Mr. Favreau is also co-founder of the renowned architectural firm Favreau Blais established over 35 years ago. He carried out and contributed to hundreds of commercial and multi-residential real-estate projects throughout Quebec. Over the years, he built an excellent business network and an exemplary expertise in his field. Mr. Favreau has always been actively involved locally as a member of the Board of Directors of the Cégep de Granby and La Caisse Desjardins de Granby – Haute-Yamaska. Mr. Favreau is an architect graduate from the University of Montreal and a member of L’Ordre des architectes du Québec
Guylaine Choinière
Guylaine ChoinièreCo-founder, Director General and Vice-President
Guylaine Choinière is the co-founder of GIFC. She is the Director General and Vice-President of the company. With 40 years of experience in administration, real-estate and corporate affairs, Ms. Choinière directs, supervises, coordinates and controls the activities of the company. For over a decade, in her role as an Assistant to the Director of Education for a School Board, Ms. Choinière collaborated to many significant events until she took an early retirement at 33 years old to venture into the real-estate market in Granby. Her desire to plan significant projects with her business partner, Mr. Denis Favreau, earned her recognition as a qualified real-estate agent for a few years. Her involvement and the quality of her services earned her recognition for her excellent client service. Subsequently, Ms. Choinière made her dream come true, the construction and management of a real-estate complex for active retirees in Granby, Faubourg Champêtre. Several years after, the creation of the GIFC real estate portfolio followed. Today, she is also manager for Rialto, a residence for semi-autonomous seniors.
Marc-Olivier Giguère
Marc-Olivier GiguèreDirector of Operations
Compassionate and caring for the well-being of all tenants and dedicated to efficient operations of GIFC’s real estate portfolio, Marc-Olivier Giguère has been running the operations for over 5 years. From the construction management to the specific requests from the tenants, he ensures that all operational decisions are coherent and measure up to GIFC high standards. As a shareholder in the company, Mr. Giguère takes an active part in the strategic development of the company’s portfolio. Relying on over 10 years combined experience in psychology and business, Mr. Giguère is involved with his local community sitting on various boards of directors and is also active in regional organizations. Mr. Giguère holds a bachelor’s degree in psychoeducation from the Université du Québec en Outaouais, a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the Université de Sherbrooke and a Certificate in real-estate from L’École des Sciences de la gestion de l’UQAM. Mr. Giguère continues his training through his participation to the programme called Émergence de l’École d’entrepreneurship de Beauce.
Lydia Lemonde
Lydia LemondeController
Lydia Lemonde has been appointed as controller in accounting management at GIFC since 2008. With a 23-year career in manufacturing, financing and services Ms. Lemonde plans, directs and coordinates the company’s operational accounting functions related to accounting. She establishes processes and develops relevant tools for the consolidation of budgetary and accounting data. Due to her significant ability to think critically, Ms. Lemonde provides insight in defining the corporate objectives and is involved in all activities leading to strategic decisions. Perfectly at ease, along with her team spirit and her organizational capacities, Ms. Lemone also acts as director of Le Rialto, a residence designed for self-sufficient and semi-autonomous seniors – a property of the GIFC’s real estate portfolio.
Nicole St-Jacques
Nicole St-JacquesAdministrative Assistant
Nicole St-Jacques brings with her 25 years of experience in various business administration spheres. Thanks to her practical sense and her capacity in multi-tasking, she provides administrative support to the various activities of the company. Ms. St-Jacques manages customer accounts, supplier accounts and various accounting reports. She works in close cooperation with the financial controller and all the department managers. Ms. St-Jacques studied in financial accounting at Cégep de Granby. Over the years, she has acquired skills, experience and knowledge beneficial to her work.
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